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Himalayan Rock Salt

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Bitter sweet dark chocolate bar with 70% cocoa speckled with organic Himalayan rock salt crystals

Inspiration –  The Himalayan rock salt or pink salt has been revered as the most superior among all types of salts in Ayurveda. Sealed inside the earth for thousands of years it is free from contamination of environmental pollutants and toxins, and contains about 84 natural minerals which gives food a full bodied flavour as against the flat taste of the table salt.

Wine pairing - A medium-bodied red wine with light earthy and peppery notes, Pinot Noir wine is versatile in food pairings and an especially natural partner for this chocolate bar.

Ingredients - Unsweetened Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, natural vanilla, Himalayan rock salt.

Net Weight  - 80 g

Consume within 9 months