The high cost of shipping chocolate explained..

Shipping chocolate in India is a challenging endeavor especially during the summer months when temperatures can cross 40°C. A lot of precautions have to be taken to ensure that the chocolate reaches you in perfect condition.

The softening temperature of chocolate is 29°C and the melting point is close to 35°C, so you can summarize that chocolate is not very adept at travelling long distances especially in warm weather.

In order to ensure that the chocolate reaches you unmelted, unbroken and without bloom, we adopt certain practices to ensure safe delivery.

Firstly we use only reputed courier companies to ship our chocolate namely FedEx or BlueDart, also shipping is via priority ie 24-48 hours delivery in metros and 48-72 hours in Tier 1 cities.

After our chocolate is bubble wrapped, we pack it with ice gel packs in thermocole boxes to ensure it doesn't melt in transit.

We also ship our chocolates only from Monday to Thursday to make sure the chocolate doesn't sit in the courier partners warehouse during the weekend, we also avoid shipping during public holidays.

It is also important for you as a customer to provide a valid delivery address and make sure that someone is available at the address to receive the package to avoid failed delivery, Requesting a future delivery date once the package is shipped and tracking details confirmed is also not recommended.

P.S. - Our shipping and handling rate of Rs 150 covers our courier partner's fee and cost of shipping materials only.


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